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2024 Golf Memberships at Red Bridge Golf Club

We look forward to welcoming you as a part of the Red Bridge family.

Members at Red Bridge Golf & Country Club enjoy the following benefits: Limited Club Charging Privileges, Tee Times 14 Days in Advance, Club Tournaments, Yearly Range Program Available, Yearly Prepaid Cart Program, 20% Discount on Golf Shop Merchandise and Special Guest Rates.


Playing privileges Monday-Friday for one Individual. Member may play Saturday, Sunday & Holidays for $39 rate. No cart plan available. $18 Cart fee required.

$140 Per Month


Initiation Fees (One Time/Non-Refundable) $500

Corporate Membership $380 Per Month

Playing privileges for four (4) Individual employees of the company daily. Cart fee required. Corporate member must make tee time in advance. *Primary member and 3 designated members may play anytime. Non-designated members may play weekdays or weekends & holidays After 12:00 pm.

Yearly Cart Plan
Individual $1,290 (plus tax) | Family $1,590 (plus tax)

(Property Homeowner Trail Fee 50% off cart plan rates.)

Yearly Range Plan
Individual $450 | Family $600
Non-Member $600 | Junior Golfer $400

Yearly Handicap Program
Member $25 | Guest $39

Contact Us About Memberships
Mark Davis – General Manager

Phone:  704-781-5231

Download Membership Information Package >>>

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